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2024 Rules and Regulations

  1. ALCOHOL: Alcohol is prohibited from public common areas and only allowed on your site.


  3. BEACH: Swimming is at the Guests own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty.

  4. CANNABIS: Cannabis is restricted in the Park

  5. DATES:

    1. Fall Deposit – Oct 15, 2023

    2. Full Fee Due by – March 31, 2024

    3. Opening Day – May 10, 2024

    4. Closing Day – Sep 15, 2024

  6. E-BIKES:

    1. E-bikes are allowed in the park on roads only

    2. Speed limits for are the same for vehicle 10 km/hr, Any guest exceeding these speed limit will lose their e-biking privileges.

  7. ENTRY AND USE OF FACILITIES: The park reserves the right to:

    1. Determine who may and who may not enter the park

    2. Control who may use which facilities.

    3. Eject any Guests or visitors who, in the opinion of the Park, are undesirable.

  8. FIRES: Fires are permitted, provided that:

    1. Contained in a fire pit ring elevated 18” off the ground

    2. There is no fire ban posted by the county of Lethbridge.

    3. Fires must be out by 11 pm

    4. Fireworks are not permitted within the park

  9. FUEL:

    1. Fuel station is premium fuel

    2. Fuel will be charged at $0.10 above local fuel prices

    3. The Guests site must have a credit card stored on file before a fuel account is set up. Credit cards will only be charged if payments are not made and your site is notified by email first.

  10. GARBAGE: Do not put grass clippings in garbage bin. Put them in the compost pile

  11. GASOLINE STORAGE: Farm-type slip tanks are not permitted for use in the park

  12. GOLF CARTS:  

    1. The use of golf carts are restricted to designated roads. Carts are not permitted after 11pm.

    2. A valid drivers license is required to operate golf carts within the park.

    3. Proof of insurance including liability coverage is required prior to use within the park.

    4. Each golf cart will be issued a permit # that must be visible on the vehicle.

    5. The number of persons on the cart must be limited to the seating capacity.

    6. OHV vehicles are not permitted within the park


    1. The term “Guest”  includes:

      1. The party signing the contract

      2. The Guests parents/grandparents

      3. The Guests children who are living in your primary residence

      4. All Guests and their vehicles must be registered to your site to receive a campground gate RFID Tag.

      5. Campground gate access fees and boat launch gate fees are included in your seasonal rates

      6. RFID tags are charged at $15/tag. Each site comes with 2 free RFID Tags to start the season.

    2. The term “Extended Family” includes:

      1. Members of the Guests extended family not living at home

      2. Campground access gate fees are $10/day, $100/season, $15/RFID tag if required.

    3. The term “Seasonal Visitor” includes:

      1. Non family visitors that may visit a Guest site.

      2. Campground access gate fees are $15/day, $150/season, $15/RFID tag if required.

  14. NOISE: Quiet time is from 11:oopm to 8:00am

  15. PARKING:

    1. 2 vehicles and one watercraft may be parked on a Guests site.

    2. Guests may not park vehicles /boats / trailers on another sites property or on the roads.

  16. PETS:

    1. Only 2 family pets allowed on a leash at all times

    2. No pets on the beach

    3. The Park reserves the right to remove or ban unruly, loud or misbehaving pets from the Park

    4. Pets must be cleaned up after at all times.

  17. QUIET HOURS: 11pm-9am

  18. REMOVAL FROM PARK: The Owner or Park Manager will at all times have the right to control and prevent access to the Park to all persons, and to eject without notice, any person or persons, who become offensive, objectionable, or create or cause a nuisance or disturbance. Any Occupant who allows a person or persons, whom are banned from the Park onto their Site, will have their site access terminated immediately and without refund. All Occupants’ Family Guests and other Visitors must be registered at the office.

  19. SALE: The park does not permit for sale signs in the park


    1. Trailers that are not removed by the closing day will be charged $50 per calendar day until they are removed.

    2. All belongings must be removed by the closing day.  Anything not removed by the closing day will become property of the Park.

    3. This includes decks/sheds etc. If your deck is left on the site after closing day then the deck becomes property of the park.

    4. Any deck left on a site may be used by the new leaseholder for the summer term.

    5. The lease is for a single summer season. The Park is under no obligation to renew a Guest to a specific site or even renew a lease for the next season.

    6. After the closing date of the park Guests will not be permitted to return to the park to collect left belongings.

  21. SEWER CONNECTIONS: To meet health and safety codes, sewer hookups must be watertight.


    1. Any alterations or additions to the Sites must be agreed to by Park in writing, prior to construction or installation.

    2. A site plan and written description of the proposed Site improvement must be submitted to the Park for approval.

    3. Any damage to utilities will be at the Guests expense.

    4. Decks:



    1. The site is to be kept in a neat and clean state; this includes mowing the lawn areas on the site.

  24. SPEED LIMIT: The park speed limit is 15 km/hr

  25. TRESPASSING: Guests may not trespass on another Guests site.

  26. VERBAL/PHYSICAL: the Park has a zero tolerance policy regarding all physical and/or verbal abuse towards the Owner, Park Manager, staff and volunteers, other Guests, Family Guests and other   Visitors.

  27. VIOLATION OF RULES: To ensure a pleasant stay at the campground for all guests:

    1. Any violation of a rule may result in a Guests breach of contract and removal from The Park.

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